Last Updated on 14 November 2019

The three secrets to being more innovative and hosting better meetings are to…

  • involve the right PEOPLE,
  • choose and use the right PROCESS, and
  • hold your meeting in the right PLACE.

99% of the time, hosting your meeting at your offices is not the right place. You need to host it offsite.

Let me introduce you to… OFFSITE

OFFSITE Main Floor

OFFSITE is midtown Manhattan’s newest and most evocative venue for corporate meetings and private events. Designed and wired to inspire creativity and optimize productivity, OFFSITE was literally built from the ground up with the perfect gathering in mind.

From the state-of-the-art A/V system to the comfortable yet versatile decor, this sprawling, 3-story enclave offers the ideal backdrop for your next board meeting, brainstorming session, focus group, product launch or social event.

The Main Floor

Step off the streets of New York City onto OFFSITE’s Main Floor, which boasts a professionally designed living room space with comfortable seating for up to 60 guests.

OFFSITE Main Floor

Stylish furniture easily lends itself to custom configuration to ensure your meeting or event is arranged exactly how you envision it. Curtained room dividers allow for impromptu brainstorming and break-out sessions. With three huge LED TVs that can be seamlessly integrated, The Main Floor is as conducive to open conversation as it is for a celebration.

The Mezzanine

OFFSITE Mezzanine

Overlooking The Main Floor, OFFSITE’s Mezzanine features the conference room – reimagined. Designed to generate thought and discussion, white board walls engulf you on all sides to keep track of your team’s free-flowing ideas.
An ultra modern, ultra high-tech 30-person conference table lets you seamlessly connect your personal computer to big screen monitor and digital smart board – or any other TV throughout the space – to add visual panache to any presentation.

The Underground

OFFSITE Mezzanine

OFFSITE’s inspirational lower level, set along an urban Rio de Janeiro backdrop, offers adaptable classroom-style seating for 25 people and an 80” LED TV. This sophisticated think tank is a cooler, more casual place to hash out important ideas, hold a training session, participate in team building exercises, or simply celebrate.

Centrally located in the heart of midtown Manhattan at 52 West 39th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue), OFFSITE is right around the corner – or just a few subway stops away from anywhere in the city. OFFSITE is primed to host your next corporate meeting or private event.

Inspire. Brainstorm. Innovate. Celebrate. Go OFFSITE.

You may check out their website visit their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @goOFFSITE

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