Last Updated on 10 September 2020

One of the best way to capture great ideas is to carry a notebook with you at all times. For several years, I’ve tried always have something at hand to capture thoughts… In the past two years I’ve been exclusively using the Moleskine (mole-ay-skee-nay) journals.

In looking through them, I realized I have lots of great notes and scratchy drawings I’d like to share on this blog.

Some are inspirational, client notes, random ideas, and questions to pose to myself… until now.

I hope to share these with you on a regular basis…

Here goes my first installment.

What Do I Do That Adds…

I originally wrote this note to challenge what Idea Sandbox does for clients. It’s a quote from Tom Peter’s Face Company article “The Brand Called You.”

“What do I do that adds
remarkable, measurable, distinguished, distinctive value?”

This challenge is versatile as it can apply to a person equally as well as a brand, company, product or service.

It’s not simply being remarkable OR measurable OR distinguished or distinctive… it’s ALL of them…

  • remarkable – worthy of attention
  • measurable – able to be measured as such
  • distinguished – discernible difference
  • distinctive – being the only one with those characteristics

Later Peter’s adds, “What do you want to be famous for?”

I couldn’t resist showing off a photo of my pride and joy in the shot with my Moleskines.