Last Updated on 16 August 2020

A simple way to define the word ‘problem’ is a situation that needs attention. Wikipedia authors describe one as “…any situation that invites resolution.”

That’s a nice way to put it – ‘invites resolution.’

A lot of folks are afraid of the word “problem.” To simply use the word – in relation to you or your business – is considered a declaration of some sort of failure.

So, we sugar-coat the situation, re-phrasing it as a ‘challenge’ or ‘opportunity.’

Spilled Milk, What Is A Problem?

While I support optimism, over-sweetening a situation can prevent people from realizing how bitter the problem may be.

No, don’t cry over spilled milk, instead figure out what knocked it over, and how to avoid spills in the future. Addressing a problem’s root cause – not ignoring it – will allow you to find the solution.

Now that you know the short definition of a problem, check out our articles on solving them!

Image Source: Little People Blog