Last Updated on 11 May 2011

In speaking with a friend about the Creative Director role at their agency, we exchanged ideas about what makes a Creative Director. I made some notes for her and thought you’d like to see them… The ideas go beyond that of just a Creative Director.

  • Understanding not just what someone states they need, but to look further to what they really need.
  • Is multi-lingual… they understand can speak, and translate: design, brand, and client.
  • Understands how to make it work – the words, the art, the vehicle.
  • Helps people see things from other perspectives.
  • Helps people break the ‘curse of knowledge’ – knowing so much about a topic they forget what it is to be a confused newbie.
  • Is a plusser.
    • Challenges people to plus their work to the next level. Helps them work at their full potential.
    • Goes beyond to create new standards, doesn’t settle for the current status.
    • Looks to the industry for the trend… but relies on other resources to push things further.
    • Pushes to plus her or himself. To do better this year than last.
  • Provides usable feedback. And in a way that doesn’t kill confidence!
  • Treats people with respect and dignity.
  • Knows when to help clear a path… and when to stay out of the way.
  • Takes blame. Gives credit.

I’m sure I’m missing other important things… What are your thoughts?