Last Updated on 10 September 2020

This first one from the Hampton Hotels?

[Click on image to open page to try it out]

Hampton allows you to customize the background and contents of the snowglobe scene then send it as an e-card to someone. I added a cat, some kids on a tube, a snowman, and a red ribbon. When you grab the base and move it, it fills with snow. Just what you expect.

Or this Flash version by “e-Tractions?”

[Click on image to open page to try it out]

You can’t customize anything. But it plays cool music and is fun to watch. When you shake it up, all the contents including the kids, tree ornaments are swirled around. It is accompanied by the yelling of the helpless contents.

Which one would you pass on? Which one is worth talking about? Which one would you be excited to get in an e-mail? Which one yodels?

I thought so.