Last Updated on 7 July 2021

To help make an idea great, it has got to have a “why” attached to it (the justification) and a “how” to make it possible (the logistics).

Sometimes, when brainstorming, people become attached to certain ideas. Or maybe there is an idea they’ve brought in with them to the meeting. Or you’ll come across that “great idea” put upon the team by a company executive … who heard it from his nephew.

Though any of these may seem brilliant, until they are justified as both (a) supporting business strategy and (b) logistically practical, they can’t be considered viable.

To assist with this step during brainstorming sessions, I created a paper guide which allows participants to document to make sure they think through, and solve, both “why” and “how.”

You’ll also notice, at the bottom of the guide, I provide additional filters. In the case of the attached example we measure for ease, investment, and reach. (Insert your appropriate filtering questions there).

Why+How=Great Idea Guide [Word document, 46 KB].

It is a simple tool, but serves its purpose to ensure ideas are not just clever, but appropriate and feasible.

I invite you to give it a try. Let me know how it works for you.