Last Updated on 11 August 2019

I think you’ll enjoy the below video.

It’s a presentation by Tim Brown, the CEO of Ideo (the innovation and design firm) talking about the importance of play leading to creativity. He spoke in May ’08 at the Art Center Design Conference in Pasadena, California. The theme was “Serious Play”.

One of the secrets to Ideo’s success is creating an environment where people feel safe to play and be creative. From this fearless approach to creativity have come some of the most innovative products and ideas.

Many of the activities we performed naturally as children – playful exploration of ideas (seeing a shipping box as a space ship), building with our hands , and role playing (playing house, shop keeper, or doctor) – are the same activities that help create wicked-good ideas as adults.

By the way, Idea Sandbox is based on these concepts. The sandbox is the classic space where nearly anything is possible. And if you don’t like it, smoosh it and start again. What I call ‘creativity without consequence.’

Enjoy the clip.

(This piece is 27:58 long, and is very work appropriate.)

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