Have you ever been in line at a coffee shop and the person in front of you doesn’t have to order because the barista just knows their order?

The barista just asks… “The usual, Sam?”

We think that type of experience is so neat. Anticipating a customer’s needs (even if they do come in every day, so it’s hard not to anticipate) is something that will differentiate you from your competition.

Raining Outside?

Anticipate that your customers will be carrying wet umbrellas. Offer plastic sleeves for your customers to slip over their umbrellas, or put down extra welcome mats to prevent customers from slipping.

Hot Day?

Have mini bottles of water iced and ready to offer to your customers.

A Gift Purchase?

Ask the customer if they would like to you remove the tags and gift wrap it.

Customer Struggling With Multiple Items?

Offer them a shopping basket or ask if you can hold items at the register so they can browse more freely.

Anticipating needs is all about helping the customer before they have to ask for help. It takes just a little extra effort, but can turn a satisfied customer into a delighted customer.