There are sales going on all the time. Unless it is a huge sale, when is the last time you made a plan to go out of the way to attend a sale? Sales are commonplace.

Go beyond just offering a discount (which we don’t recommend discounting anyhow) and create a “value event.” A time when your customers get more for their money.

If you provide products, offer a free add-on service with purchase. A cooking supplies store can offer free knife sharpening (service) with purchase.

If you are a service-based company, offer a free product as an add-on to a purchased service. A spa selling massages (service) can provide free body scrub and lotion kit (product).

Exclusive Access Events

Friends & Family

Friends & Family: Invite Only Event

Create printed postcard invitations and mail or hand them out to your best customers (those who spend with you) or to your worst customers (those who don’t spend enough). Offer a sneak peek at next year’s products or your upcoming not-yet-published menu. Provide an exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to these Guests.

Chef’s Table

Who ever thought someone could charge more money to sit inside a busy kitchen instead of the comfortable dining room? But it is the current trend to dine at a chef’s table.

Offer a special chef’s table seating where you provide visibility to what is cooking in the kitchen, as well as a behind-the-scenes view of your premium-selected and expertly-prepared items. Customers get exclusive access to the kitchen, to see the chef(s) at work, and often items not listed on the menu. They also get a great story to tell others!

The charge is often higher for the chef’s table and most restaurants that offer this have booked solid reservations.

Friends & Family

Links to helpful Marketing Tactics to support your Friends & Family events.