This is the point where we start building the actual promotion.

What activities and programs will you use to promote your featured product, programs or services?

We recommend you develop programming and choose your theme at the same time. They work together. Sometimes a program will lend itself to suggesting a theme. And, the theme drives programming ideas.

This is the heart of the promotion – everything up to this point has helped us develop our inventory of products, programs and services to promote and talk about. But, what about those make them newsworthy? What exactly is it you’re offering? What is the hook that will interest people.

Here is our programming line-up:

Limited-Time Special Burger

Our holiday-themed, limited-time premium burger will be featured on in-store signage and employee t-shirts. It will be the focus of our e-newsletter and showcased in our social media channels with mouth-watering photos. Employees will also suggestively sell to customers who are undecided, or want to try something different. Also, because it has bacon on it, people who order any other burger with bacon, this will be offered as “hey, if you like bacon, you may love this month’s burger special.”

Promote Onion Rings

We will build awareness of our golden delicious onion rings by offering a free mini-portion of 5 onion rings with selected orders. We’ll dub this “Five Golden Rings” for a Christmastime tie-in.

Burger Buddy Club

We will heavily encourage sign-up to our e-newsletter and provide in-store tools to assist. We’ll also offer an incentive to sign up.