Have you seen the movie, “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts from the 1990?

Pretty Woman

There was a scene early in the movie when Julia Roberts’ character goes into the fancy store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Because she is not dressed upscale enough, she is refused service from the snobby staff.

Later, she returns, carrying shopping bags containing thousands of dollars in merchandise and dressed in a fabulous new outfit. She asks the saleswomen if she remembers her – that they wouldn’t wait on her? The salesperson replies, “No.” Then she asks if they work on commission. The answer is, “Why yes.”

Julia answers, “Big Mistake! Big. HUGE!” as she struts out of the boutique.

As it is prudent to judge a book by its cover, so it is to judge a customer by what they are wearing or how they look. Remember, these customers are guests in your home, not someone you can “choose” not to help because you don’t think they’ll buy anything.


If a customer says they need something to be delivered by Friday, and you know it won’t get there until the following Tuesday, don’t say that you think it could be there by Friday, just to get the sale.

It’s always better to underpromise (“It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.”) and then over deliver (“Your order is in – 2 days early!”). Over-promising is a gamble, and can cause undue stress for you and your customer.

Go Above & Beyond

Your job behind the register is to wrap up the items that your customer has purchased. But, you notice it’s raining outside, so you pack the items in plastic, and then put them in the paper shopping bag. This way, your customer’s goods are transported safely. This is going above and beyond.

Other ways to go above and beyond:

  • Offer to run a pick-up order out to your customer’s car, so they don’t have to come in.
  • Hold the door open for a customer with their hands full.
  • Give a tourist directions to their next destination.
  • Ask for their name, remember it, and use it the next time you see them.

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