First, Best, or Only

One way to be a destination is to be the first, best, or only one in your market doing what you do. Being first, best, or only makes you remarkable and creates a monopoly for what you do or provide.

While we recommend you try as hard as possible to find or create what can make you the first, best or only. Sometimes the marketplace is so competitive the best option is to host events. Make your place the best and only place to not only get your products, but also a schedule of really engaging, entertaining events.

Host Events Worth Attending

Another way to become a destination is to host events worth attending. This guide is dedicated to helping you create and implement those events. And, we go further and provide advice on how to convert that additional traffic to sales and excitement for your brand!

By events, we mean events such as in-store sampling and demonstration events, seminars and classes, entertainment (live music, art opening, etc.), or special invite-only sales.

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First •Best • Only

We love the first, best, or only question. It really makes you think about what you do and how you do it.