Competing against friends and other enthusiasts is a great reason to come together. Pick-up basketball games, touch football, volleyball in an open lawn allows fun competition. Bowling Leagues have been a long time reason for people to come together to eat, drink and have some competitive fun.

But, who says you have to have a basketball court or bowling alley to host these events? With Game Systems (XBox, Wii, PlayStation) your customers can plan these games, and more, virtually.

All you need is some structure, a schedule, and maybe some end-of-season awards to create bragging rights, and you can turn nearly any game into a competition worth coming back to your location week after week.

We’ve got the recipe for creating and hosting a Wii Bowling League. You can use this same formula for nearly any type game.

Virtual Leagues

Check out the Wii Bowling League Marketing Activity for ideas and details on how to create virtual leagues.

Dart Competition (Physical or Digital)

Host in-store Dart competitions. Encourage leagues. If you don’t have the space or it is too dangerous, or you don’t want to mess up you walls with metal darts, consider plastic or Velcro darts. Or, use an entertainment system (Wii) and play virtual darts.

Trivia Nights

Everyone loves trivia – where else can you put to use all those sports stats, pop culture tidbits or random science facts that you’ve held onto for all these years? Create a little friendly competition within your customer base by hosting a weekly trivia night. Offer food and drink specials, and give away weekly prizes to the winning teams. Inviting new and existing customers to your cafe or restaurant for this special in-store event is the perfect way to create a sense of community through your business. In addition to having fun, you can drive traffic and trial outside of your busiest dayparts.

Trivia Nights

Yep, you guessed it… a Marketing Activity for Trivia Nights, too!