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Welcome to your Guide to Charity & Community Give-Back

So, consider these facts…

  1. Giving back to your community helps those in need.
  2. 82% of consumers consider the social responsibility of a business when deciding which products and services to buy, and where to shop.*
  3. Companies perceived as responsible in their economic, environmental and social impact attract better, more satisfied and engaged employees. Millennials, those between the ages of 18 and 30, look at work differently. Older employees seek salary and benefits. Millennials are looking for meaningful work.
  4. Giving to groups within your community helps to make you locally relevant and perceived as a leader and good neighbor.
  5. And, if you believe in it, they also say giving to others in need provides good karma.

So, giving back:

  • Helps the needy,
  • Makes Customers happier,
  • Keeps Employees happier,
  • Makes you more locally relevant, and
  • Creates good karma.

Not that many activities can offer so much without a huge investment.

This guide gives you the tools and techniques to learn how to give back to the right group, the right way.

*According to a May 2013 research study by Cone Communications and Echo Research

We’ve divided this guide into these key parts:

  • Why Give Back? – A quick overview of the value of giving back.
  • How To Give Back – Logistics, tips, and techniques for building give-back programs.
  • Find A Charity That Fits – Suggestions on how to find a good fit charity.
  • What Cause & Who To Give To – Starter thoughts.
  • Types of Charity Events – Finally, figure out what type event to host.

Okay, [user_custom_field field=”first_name” /], let’s get started doing good!