People Are Your Secret Ingredient

We know it can be a challenge to hire enough people, let alone enough of the right people.

However, you need to consider your employees a “main ingredient” in your product offering.

I’m sure there is an ingredient in your product or a feature of your service offering that – if you didn’t have it – you wouldn’t feel comfortable offering the product.

If you were a pizza place and didn’t have flour for the dough, you couldn’t just substitute some other random ingredient and still produce a pizza.

That’s how you should think about hiring the right employees.

It isn’t okay to settle for “okay” employees. Just the same way you wouldn’t compromise on the main ingredient in your pizza dough.

Your employees are your main ingredient.

When mistakes do happen, your excellent employees can, not only recover from the error, but also convert that customer into a long-term loyal fan.

We’ve met many restaurant and retail operators who hire solely based on availability, reliable transportation, and a clear background check.

Sixty days later they’re frustrated that their employees aren’t delivering good service, let alone an “experience.”

Hiring the right employees is the most important thing you can do for your business.

Anyone can operate a cash register. Anyone can flip a burger. Anyone can wait tables. But, not everyone has the people skills to do these in a way that will delight your customers.

Hire For Personality, Train For Job Skills

We’ll keep this short and sweet.

It is easier to train someone how to do the tasks of their job than to teach them how to provide great customer experience.

We’re sure you’ve seen that with some of the people you’ve hired.

So, hire for personality and customer service skills first!

The next Behavioral Interviewing section will help you with this…