In this first section we discuss the obvious elements of company culture.

Company Structure & Job Descriptions

These document the way an organization is set-up in structure and hierarchy. Does your company have many layers of management and reporting or is it flat? They reveal how you structure your employee jobs – the scope and breadth of their role.

Rules, Procedures, Process & Standards

Your approach to getting things done. Are you highly organized – many meetings – or do you have an ad-hoc approach? Do you give loose guidelines or enforce detailed, structured rules? How do you go about making decisions?

Reward & Recognition

The frequency with which you reward and recognize employee contributions. Also, how much of a celebration and big deal you create.

Vision, Strategy, Goals & Measures

How you handle planning. Do you wing it, adjusting what needs to be done day-by-day? Or do you have a long-term strategy that serves as a roadmap?

Symbols & Stories

The icons, images, and representations of your brand. These representations could include your logo, branding elements, the product itself, or event a photo of your founder.