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Customer Rewards & Loyalty!

We all want our customers to return to us. When they’re making a choice, we hope they would choose our business again over a competitor. In short, that they’ll be loyal to us.

To offer an incentive for customers to return, many brands launch reward and loyalty programs. While programs may create interaction and gather information – programs alone don’t drive loyalty.

Building loyalty is a way of doing business. Providing a high-quality experience in all the places customers come in contact with your business.

Reward programs are typically based on games, points and providing incentives to drive customers return and meet purchase thresholds. For example, “buy 10 get one free.” If customers behave as we wish – visit more frequently, increase how much they spend – we’ll reward them.

Loyalty programs are systems, tools, and applications that allow you to gather information about your customers and use that to enhance their experience.

Search Google and you’ll discover thousands of ideas for both reward and loyalty programs. You’ll find the terms Reward and Loyalty used interchangeably. This double-use can be confusing. Especially since reward programs don’t drive loyalty. And, if we’re calling our reward program a “loyalty” program thinking we’re building loyalty – we’re doing the wrong things.

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