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The Moment of Truth

Sooner or later you will do something that will irritate a customer or customers. Mistakes happen.

There will be a moment of truth, due to this error, that will push your customer. A point where they ask themselves if your business, products, and services are still worth it to them. Is there enough perceived value in what you’re providing them that they’ll overlook the mistake or not?

If they have been dissatisfied or merely satisfied with you in the past, there is a chance you may lose them to the competition.

However, if you’ve been doing the right things all along and your people have been delighting them with a great experience – there is a higher likelihood they will forgive you.

The secret to pleasing your customers with an experience can be summed up in eight simple words:

Hire the right people. Do the right things.

Notice that we said delighting your customers, not simply “satisfying” them. We also said to delight them with an experience, not just a “service.”

Here at LSMGuide, we feel strongly that you need to go beyond just satisfying your customers, to delighting them! And, we think you should go beyond providing service for your customers, and provide an experience.

So you’ll find us mostly referring to ‘experience’ instead of ‘service.’

Within this Customer Experience Guide, we’ll provide tips for “Hiring the Right People,” and spend most of the time on “Doing The Right Things.”