Stepping beyond what is local to your industry and global trends, below are a few tools that will help you stay on top of what your industry is doing.


SmartBrief does an amazing job of compiling news from across many industries. From Business to Food & Beverage, Retail, Travel & Hospitality and more. Check out their List of Topics and view the individual briefs within. They can all be delivered to your email. An amazing source of information.

Google It

Google what you want to know. We tried:

  • “Restaurant trends for 2015”,
  • “Color trends for 2015”,
  • “Retail trends for 2015”,

and found some interesting information. Review what you find, pay attention to the more credible sources.

Trade Publications + Magazines

We are convinced there is a publication – whether print or online – for every industry and discipline you can think of.

Yahoo has a great Directory of Trade Magazines, we recommend you check that out.

If you want to find more, Google “restaurant trade magazines” or “laundromat trade magazine”

This WebWire link will take you to a page where you may narrow your interest by industry. It will then pop-up with a list of titles. There are over 175 titles in the Restaurant section, 400 titles in the Food/Beverage category and over 325 in the Retail category. Find something interesting on that list and Google the title to find out more.

LSMGuide Feeds

If you haven’t noticed them before, we have up-to-date news feeds right here on LSMGuide. They are under the TOOLS menu > INDUSTRY NEWS PAGES and include:


We regularly look to the Trendwatching site. Here you can find free, monthly Trend Briefings – arranged by the month & year they were published. Their Trend Briefings are delivered to 225,000 business professionals in more than 160 countries.

How much time is your competition spending monitoring these industry trends? Maybe a little? Maybe none? No matter, using these tools will keep you informed and in-tune with existing and future trends.

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