Loyalty, done properly, involves the full customer experience and understanding our customers by collecting information to use to personalize their experience.

Customer Loyalty Program serves the customer by:

  • Providing superb, personal customer service,
  • Being empathetic towards customer┬áproblems,
  • Serving the emotional needs of customers,
  • Tailoring special offerings based on each customer’s preference,
  • and yes, Rewarding their behavior too.

Loyalty is perceived as expensive, hard to implement and not easy to track, so we settle for rewards only. But it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about how your business can create a loyalty program that drives customer loyalty.

When you think about companies with loyal customers a few names come to mind:

Apple – Highly trained professionals ready to help you with any inquiry or issue, no matter your level of expertise with unique and innovative products.

Nordstrom – They offer personal shopping services, and accept returns with no questions asked.

Southwest – They consistently respond to customers inquiries or issues on social media, and do their best to right any wrong.

Zappos – Free shipping, free returns and super friendly, personal service.