[user_custom_field field=”first_name” /], here is your Course for getting the facts on all aspects of your business.


Have you ever stumbled around at night or during a power outage trying to find your way? You can see outlines and have a basic sense of where things are, but can’t see details?


This darkness represents what it is like when you are running your business without first-hand knowledge of your customers, employees, competition, and the industry.

Sure, you can make due in the dark, but if you truly want to see what is going on, you need enlightenment.

In this KNOWLEDGE IS POWER guide, we point out what may be hiding in the shadows, and try to offer tools and direction to know factually – not based on assumptions – information about essential aspects of your business.

We break this into the following principal sections and describe why it is important, followed by what to use to get more information:

Know your:
1. Customers,
2. Employees,
3. Business,
4. Direct Competition,
5. True Competition, and
6. Industry & Trends.

If you want to grow your business, increase your sales, you’ll work smarter (instead of harder) understanding these groups and this information. If you are satisfied with your company just as it is, it will help you understand how things are moving around you.