Here we highlight four programs we’ve found.

  • Belly,
  • SpotOn,
  • Perka, and
  • Front Flip.

Updated June 2015


  • Customers earn points and get rewards for being a loyal customer – i.e. tapping their phone or customer card to the iPad at checkout.
  • Rewards are customized to the business.
  • Allows email marketing/management to those loyal customers – targeted emails.
  • Your business appears in a list of nearby Belly locations on the phones of customers who have Belly.
  • After customers check in a certain number of times, they are prompted to review you on Yelp, encouraging your most loyal customers to review you.
  • You can view/search through Belly Member visits in real-time. Name, email, time of visit, total visits, etc.

You get:

  • a tablet running the Belly app,
  • Loyalty cards for your customer,
  • An account manager,
  • Email marketing / social media integration,
  • 41% belly email open rate (19% industry average), and
  • 15% clicks/unique opens (5% industry average).


  • $79/month = Nexus 7 tablet, 300 loyalty cards, account manager via email, and 1 email marketing campaign.
  • $99/month = iPad Mini, Unlimited loyalty cards, account manager via email and phone, and 2 email marketing campaigns. Plus, you get access to customer’s email addresses, have Facebook and Twitter integration, marketing materials, and detailed analytics.
  • $149/month = all of the above + customer demographics and a quarterly consultation


  • Same principle / set up as Belly: customized rewards, analytic tracking/organization of customers, integration with social media /email.
  • Customers are encouraged to spread the word on Facebook (vs. Yelp in Belly) to earn extra rewards.


  • Identifies each customer by name, photo, and status (i.e. “was here yesterday”) so your staff can make people feel at home.
  • A private customer feedback “line” via the app lets you address complaints before they become public.
  • Check-ins and perks are posted to your customers’ Facebook feeds, spreading the word about your business.

You get:

  • Every program is made to order. When you sign up, a Perka specialist will design a program tailored to your business needs and goal.
  • Works seamlessly on every phone (not just smartphones). They use SMS texting to keep non-smartphone guests in the loop.


  • Pricing starts at $35/month for a Perka Punchcard (customers earn perks for purchasing a certain number of items) – best for coffee shops or counter service spots. You can also implement Perka Flexpoints for $50/month. This program rewards customers by how much they spend (best for retail shops, sit down restaurants, etc.)

Front Flip

  • Different from Belly, SpotOn and Perka in that this is more of a customer engagement platform.
  • Customers with the Front Flip app scan a QR code at your location for a chance to win a prize (instantly).
  • Encourages people to scan.
    • When they scan, you get access to their information so you can contact them.
    • Then, you can send targeted mobile gifts to these people. Reward best customers, reach out to people you haven’t seen in a while.
    • The prizes link with Facebook / Twitter so customers can boast about their freebies right away.