Let customers clearly know where/when you’re sampling products. Be sure to label what you’re sampling so customers who like it know what is and can make their purchase.

Consider using:

  • Chalkboard / Daily Special Board – a chalkboard or wipe-off board is excellent when you’re making updates daily or a few times a day.
  • Sampling Tray Liners – over time sampling trays can get pretty beat up. We recommend using a clean, newer tray for sampling or consider having custom tray liners printed up for sampling. At Starbucks – granted we had many stores – we would print a tray liner to support the look of the promotional coffee. It would further reinforce how special that product was.
  • Sampling “Tent” Sign – Consider printing signs that fold up to a-frame tents, and sit on the table or sampling tray. This could include the name of the product being served (or demonstrated), a picture of the packaging (if it will help aid in selection for purchase), and a brief description of the features, flavors, or options.Signage will support the sampling of promotional food and beverages as well as demonstrations. And, it enhances the experience for the customer. Place a sign on the sampling tray with the product or next to the demo product to ensure that the product visual is facing the customer.