Social media tools  – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs – make it easier for people to connect with each other, for conversations to happen, and to share conversations with others.

Social media tools are quick and easy for us to use. You can set-up Facebook, Twitter, or a blog in minutes. Furthermore, they’re easy to track and measure how many friends, likes, followers, retweets, and comments you receive. If your numbers are up from last month to this month – you assume you must be doing better.

For all these reasons, social media is appearing to be the “thing.” It is important to understand that creating WOM is a strategy, and social media tools are a few of the many tools to help with that strategy. Like any tactic, you must first figure if they are the right tactic for you to connect with your customers.

Social Media

We’ve dedicated an entire Course to the subject of Social Media. If you’re interested check out: Social Media Insights That Get Results.