We feature Swipely because it is the only program on the market we can find that works this way. As more enter the market, we’ll update this guide!

Swipely is a service (compatible with every major POS system) that transforms your cash register into a “marketing machine.” They “simplify what used to be a very complicated process.”

Swipely takes info from credit cards that are processed to identify customers and organize their analytics. Who are your top customers? What do they usually buy? What time of day do they usually come in?

All for the cost of about the same as standard credit card processing / month.

For a restaurant, Swipely will integrate information about server / staff sales, popular items (menu or otherwise), what times are busiest, what items are the best selling, etc.

In addition to other analytics (similar to the other reward program apps), the daily Marketing Journal gives you a snapshot of your business to see things like, sales, repeat business, online reviews, social media activity, weather, etc. to get a better understanding of your day.

This is a more advanced way for small businesses to start to track the behavior of your customers and drive loyalty.