What Matches Your Expertise & Brand?

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A simple way is to look at what your company stands for. If you’re a bookstore, literacy will make a great fit! A clothing store with clothes for professional women? Maybe adopt a women’s shelter who helps women get back in the workplace.

Evaluate your business and employee strengths and choose volunteer activities that draw upon those strengths.

As we said earlier, if you own an accounting firm or you have an accountant on your team, volunteer to help a nonprofit set up their accounting practices or do their taxes.

Likewise, if you own a restaurant, consider catering a school staff meeting to show your appreciation for your local teachers. This may open the door to future catering opportunities, an incremental way to increase revenue.

What Charity or Cause Is Most Important To Your Customers and Employees?

If you run a women’s shoe and fitness store, perhaps you should pick a charity that your customers – women who are fit or aspiring to get in better shape – are interested in and passionate about.

What’s important to your employees? Get them involved in selecting your charity partner. The more they are interested in the cause, the more involved they will be!

Who is Most Needy in Your Area?

An obvious choice is to give back to those who need it.

Make sure your want to do good, will do good. Here is a story about a company who thought they’d do good by donating shirts to Africa.
Article: When Small-Business Philanthropy Goes Wrong.

Use our Community Assessment Template, (which is a key part of our part of our Step-by-Step Plan: Killer Marketing & Sales Strategy course, to help you search your neighborhood and make the right choices.