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That’s a common sign at the entrance to a clubhouse. Sometimes you need to say a secret password or use the secret handshake. These sort of rules of conduct and behavior help create the culture of the club. These rules create a filter qualifying what behavior or attitude is considered proper, appropriate or required.

Culture_Is_BrandYour Culture Is Your Brand

We crafted this Course to be the tool to help you cultivate the culture of your business. To help you make culture a part of your competitive advantage, create loyal customers and employees, and ultimately drive sales.

In this Course, we will…

  • explain what culture is and its importance,
  • describe the building blocks of culture, and
  • provide tips and tools to build and change culture as you need.

Here’s what the dictionary says about culture…

culture |ˈkəlCHər|

the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular group : the emerging hipster culture

The “particular group” mentioned above could be…

  • Organization – All the people who work at your company.
  • Location – The people who work at your site.
  • Team – The crew who work the morning shift.

Since culture consists of people’s attitudes and behavior, it exists whether you intentionally build it or not. You can describe, prescribe and reinforce it with your team. Or, patterns and expectations simply form… and culture just… happens.

So, let’s take a look at things you should know about culture…