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Problem Solving

These articles help you with the overall task of solving problems.

The Imaginary Board of Directors

A best practice for creative problem solving is to form […]


I’m not trying to coin a new term… It’s just […]

Figure It Out: Creative Problem Solving

“Figure It Out” is the first stage of the Idea […]

Solve Anything – With Three Key Steps

I love cheat sheets… pages, charts, process flow, lists that […]

Experiential Marketing: 100 Years Ago

In the late 1800s, in a time when lack of […]

Creativity: From Zero to Zing!

Are you still looking for easy-to-approach process for coming up […]

Performance = potential – interference (P=p-i)

Do you look for “Aha!” moments when you read? I […]

Childlike Creativity

At Idea Sandbox we talk a lot about being childlike […]

Opening the Door on Inspiration

As problem solvers, we marketers should constantly scan for creative […]

Three Faces of Innovation: Dreamer, Realist, Critic

Michael Michalko (author of “Thinkertoys” and “Cracking Creativity“) was interviewed […]

Tale of the Starbucks Lid

I have a quick story for you that involves my […]

Osborn: Creative Problem-Solving Process

Alex Osborn is the “O” in the agency BBDO. In […]

Uncover Solutions Using Idea Sandbox’s Big Dig

Suffering from idea block? Like writer’s block, you know your […]

Big Dig: Problem Solving

Thank you to Bob Nauneimer from Prism Strategic Services for […]

Idea Sandbox Featured In Audio CODcast About Creativity

That’s not a typo… it’s not a PodCast… but a […]

It is what it is.

Sometimes, despite your passion for problem solving, there are things […]

“How to Solve Problems” 1947-style

I recently discovered this 8th grade arithmetic book from 1947 […]

Three Legs Are Better Than Four

We’ve all experienced the frustration of sitting at a wobbly […]

A Turkey-Filled Sandbox

This week Idea Sandbox is reporting from Istanbul, Turkey. Source: […]

“Unclogging Thinker’s Block” Inbox Sand, August 08

At times, coming up new ideas can be as frustrating […]

Sandbox Prioritizer Now For iPhone!

In response to popular demand, the free tool to help […]

Be Part Of The Solution: Vote

I often write in this space about problem solving techniques. […]

Serious Play: The Link Between Creativity & Play

I think you’ll enjoy the below video. It’s a presentation […]

Teacher Problem-Solves Budget Cuts

Did you see the article last week in USA Today […]

World Creativity and Innovation Week

We’re in the midst of World Creativity and Innovation Week. […]

Take Charge Of Your Life With Problem-Solving

One of my favorite books about problem-solving is Ken Watanabe’s […]

Tips For Creativity & Problem Solving: “Live In PLAY” Interview

It’s always an honor when someone cares to hear your […]

Marketing Lessons from School Lunch

“If you can successfully promote sloppy joe sandwiches, you can […]

Better Power Strip Design – Powerbridge

Look under your desk at the clutter of power cords… […]

Off-Site Meetings: Last Century Technology

The most up to date list of locations can be […]

How To Manage Problems You Can’t Fix

Problems. Challenges. Opportunities. Whatever you call them at your company, […]

Solve Your Problem, Not The Symptom

Remember as a child – or perhaps you have a […]

Nothing Worse Than The Wrong Problem Solved Properly

“There’s nothing worse than bad coffee brewed properly.” That’s a […]

The Person With The Best Imagination Wins

Einstein once said, “imagination is better than knowledge.” It is […]

11 Ways To Restate Problems to Get Better Solutions

When faced with a challenge or problem, one of the […]

Difference Between Artistic & Creative Ability

Sometimes we confuse artistic ability with creativity. If I can’t […]

What Is A Problem?

A simple way to define the word ‘problem’ is: a […]

Drive Innovation: Suggest Ideas, Don’t Propose Them

How something is presented has an effect on how it […]

Seth Godin Says: How To Run A Problem-Solving Meeting

Here’s a complete rip-off of today’s post from Seth Godin. […]

Tips To Be More Creative And Better At Problem Solving

I hope your week is off to a great start. […]

Arrive With A Solution

While you may feel like a smarty-pants worker to be […]