3Ps: Process

How to create a safe process for your team. The techniques and tips to prepare for brainstorming, strategy, and innovation-building meetings. How to choose the right process for your sessions.

Idea Generation Tools, &c.

Some of the most effective tools to assist you with your entire innovation and creative problem solving process… from problem (opportunity) identification, through leading a project and implementation.

Great Reads

Great books about creativity, problem solving, remarkability and more. Organized several ways for exploration and discovery.


These websites and weblogs are all about innovation, creativity and problem solving.

Compendium of Idea Generation Methods

Perhaps the Internet’s largest collection of brainstorming and idea generation techniques. (that’s the goal, anyway!)

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Process

The complete CPS process includes process steps from problem identification, to idea generation, through implementation. This section features the Idea Sandbox version of CPS.