Last Updated on 20 August 2017

To help you keep a record of your thoughts and ideas, I previously suggested using an idea journal. Many readers let me know they started journals – nice work. Keep it up!

With the tip in this article, I will help you expand your creative capacity, enjoy!

Creativity can be described as the ability to use your imagination to develop new, original ideas. When you need to be creative your imagination pulls from your brain “storage yard” – the place filled with experiences you’ve seen, heard, tasted, smelled, and felt (both physically and emotionally).

The more experiences you expose yourself to, the larger your storage yard. The larger your storage yard, the more inventory you have from which to spark and build new ideas.

You can expand your brain storage yard immediately by exposing your senses to new, different and unfamiliar material.

Here are some suggestions…

  • Head to your local bookstore or newsstand and purchase a magazine on a topic you know nothing about. Read it from cover to cover – even the advertisements and classified ads.
  • Try a cuisine you’ve never experienced before. Or, if you’re not that adventurous, order something you would usually never try at a familiar restaurant. New tastes and textures add to your list of descriptions.
  • At your favorite music store – or even better, a music store you’ve never been to – find a music genre you’ve never listened to and purchase a CD.
  • Visit a farmers market, a local natural foods grocer, or the produce department of your local grocery store and take in the scents. Focus on your sense of smell, but get in close and pay special attention to the scents. For example, have you ever smelled the green stems on tomatoes? Very grassy and clean smelling.
  • Pick a specific color for the day… and look for that color throughout the entire day. You will see the world with a different filter.
  • Take a whole roll of film (or at least 36 digital shots) of details. Nooks, crannies, corners, shadows… Take the time to notice what’s typically overlooked.
  • These tasks each provide your brain with input from your various senses in ways perhaps you haven’t experienced before. Try these out-of-the-ordinary experiences and increase the power of your imagination!

Quotable Quote

One little spark of inspiration,
Is at the heart of all creation.
Right at the start of everything that’s new,
One little spark lights up for you.

Journey to Imagination” Attraction
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