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How do you break your company or product away from the pack of sameness?

Welcome to the first in a series of guides highlighting techniques marketing experts suggest to be different and build awareness… Here are some thoughts by Tom Peters…


Tom Peters



What is it?

Wow is “stepping out (individuals at all levels in a firm and independent contractors) and standing out (corporations and organizations) from the growing crowd of look-alikes. Being average has never had much appeal. Better to fail with flair in pursuit of something neat…”

How is it done?

Tom offers 210 stories – some short, some long – which are examples of people and companies doing WOW things… While Tom doesn’t offer step-by-step instructions on creating a WOW idea, you will be inspired by his examples. Examples are arranged in these chapters:

  • Starters
  • Getting Things Done
  • Milk, Cookies, and Managing People
  • Pens, Toilets, and Businesses That Do It Differently
  • Just Say No to Commodities (And Yes to Free Spirits)
  • Breaking the Mold
  • The Wacky World (or [mostly] what have you done about Asia today?)
  • Searching for the Diversity Advantage
  • Tomorrow’s Strange Enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs’ Dreams
  • Lists!
  • Attaining Perpetual Adolescence
  • Parting Shots

Check Out



Articles by Tom Peters in Fast Company Magazine
(Don’t let the dates of 1999 dissuade you – this writing is just as relevant today as it was then)

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