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Not just different, but dramatically different is what Doug Hall prescribes…

Who: Doug Hall

Inventor, author, consultant, and recent judge on the ABC television network show “American Inventor.”

What: “Dramatic Difference”

What is it?:

Your job is to create a MONOPOLY.

Every product or service that is sold lies somewhere on the continuum from MONOPOLY to COMMODITY. At the extremes, your offer is either one-of-a-kind – in effect a MONOPOLY – or it’s the S.O.S. (Same Old Stuff) – a COMMODITY. In the case of the latter, the only way you can enhance customer value is by lowering your price.

How is it done?:

Doug’s Three Steps to Successful Marketing

Step 1 – Overt Benefit: “What’s In It For Me?” – Articulate the benefits of your product/service (not the features). Customers won’t necessarily know how to translate your features into their benefits.

Step 2 – REAL Reason to Believe: “Why should I believe you?” – …The benefit will have caused some tension and anxiety in the customer’s mind. It will require you to resolve the tension by offering a REAL REASON to believe. Being overt and obvious about your unique and Meaningful benefit will get customers to notice you… Today’s customers are media savvy. They’ve learned to discern the difference between real substance and smoke and mirrors.

Use overt honesty to find your credibility. Your credibility is built from honesty. When an offering is not right for your customers, tell them so. When you don’t know the answer, don’t bluff; then you’ll research it and find the answer.

Plan to Exceed Customer Expectations. Credibility is built when the customers’ experiences exceed their expectations. Design pleasant experiences into your brand experience…

Here’s where Dramatic Difference comes into play…

Step 3 – Dramatic Difference: “Why Should I Care?” The First and Only… – Evaluate how MEANINGFULLY Unique your offering is. Is it the FIRST and ONLY to:

  • …offer the benefit?
  • …solve this specific problem?
  • …offer a COMBINATION of benefits?
  • …offer customers this level of VALUE?

If it is not one of these, then you must think hard about the viability of your offering…

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