Last Updated on 7 July 2021

Free Prize InsideI love cheat sheets… pages, charts, process flow, lists that chop complex ideas into small chunks.

The following is adapted from a design process presented in the endnotes of Seth Godin’s book “Free Prize Inside.”

This works extremely well for problem-solving, product development, and strategy planning.

1. Define the Problem

  • Define the problem,
  • Envision the end state (know what victory looks like),
  • Define the approach by which victory can be achieved, and
  • Incite support and then action.

2. Innovate

  • Seek insight to inform the prototyping of the solution,
  • Prototype potential solutions,
  • Delineate the tough choices, and
  • Enable the team to work as a team.

3. Generate Value

  • Choose the best solution, then activate it,
  • Make sure people know about your solution,
  • Sell the solution, and
  • Rapidly learn and “tack” (make adjustments) based on your success and failures.

Many of us experience less than expected results because we forget the important influencing/champion steps. These make all the difference:

Influence & Champion

  • Enable the team to work as a team,
  • Make sure people know about your solution, and
  • Sell the solution.

Use this as a guide to solving your next personal or business challenge.