Last Updated on 10 August 2015

We’re all familiar with the game BINGO. Fill out the game card, get five in a row to win. Yell, “BINGO!”

Nearly as many of us are familiar with business jargon-based BINGO cards. These cards feature overused phrases and jargon we leverage and maximize like low-hanging fruit.

Old Bingo Cards

Online, you can find BS Bingo, Ad Agency Jargon Bingo, Social Media Jargon Buster, and many more…

Sure these are fun to scan… it is amazing to realize how much jargon we really do use… they also can serve as a helpful tool.

Killer Phrases

One key reason new and potentially innovative ideas don’t get implemented at companies is because skeptics and scaredy cats kill ideas when they’re first proposed. They use killer phrases like: “We’ve tried that before.” and “Yeah, but…”

Great ideas often sound “wild and crazy” at first. They can go against the established guidelines and the status quo. (And then there are those who are afraid the new idea will put them out of a job). To help give ideas a chance, I’ve created an Idea Killer BINGO card.


This will help you to identify when people use killer phrases that nip ideas in the bud before the idea has a chance to grow.

This card is meant to be used for awareness, rather than played as an actual BINGO game. If in a meeting you have more than one or two of these pop-up… Your team needs professional help. You should stop the meeting immediately because your team probably won’t create anything new and meaningful.*

Your next meeting should be about how your team needs to be less critical, pause before they pounce, and try to build on an idea – see where it can go… Instead of just killing it.

*I’d be happy to point you in the direction of several great books that offer tips on how to let ideas flow more freely.