Last Updated on 7 July 2021

Have you ever had “thinkers block?” It’s a problem similar to writer’s block, but instead of words, you’re stumped for ideas. I offer you a technique to get your ideas flowing.

In his book Out of the Box: 101 Ideas for Thinking Creatively, author Rob Eastaway outlines five types of creative thinkers: Child-Like, Problem-Solver, Dreamer, Builder, and Imagineer. He recommends adopting their characteristics and keywords to have a more creative attitude.

In looking at this list further I realized… When a specific problem is obstructing your thoughts you can also use these characteristics and keywords – like super-strength brain cleaner – to get your ideas flowing again!

Here’s the list from Rob’s book:

Type Characteristics Words
Has the curiosity and confidence to explore ideas.
“Why not?”
Problem Solver
Regards every setback or block as a problem to be solved.
“How to…”
Aspires to what might be, rather than what is.
“I wish…”
Supports other people’s ideas and knows how to build on them.
“Yes, and…”
Is ready to think the unthinkable and explore the unknown.
“What if?”

Next time you’re stuck on a problem, get thoughts flowing again with…

  • Why not?
  • How to…
  • I wish…
  • Yes, and…
  • What if?

Let me know what you think. Do these ideas work for you?

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