As we said earlier in this course, you can simply collect cash from your staff, from customers, and donate from your location’s funds. Visit our marketing activity: Charity: Collecting Funds for some more information.

Proceeds of Sales

It is common for businesses to set aside a particular day or product and sales from that goes to charity.

It can be nice to tie your giving to customer purchases. When you buy this weekend, we’ll give an additional x% of sales to charity.

But make sure it’s impactful. Look at this example below…


The conditions of this offer make the donation insignificant:

  • Only on the second Tuesday of the month. (So, up to 12x per year)
  • Only on a single menu item.

It is my guess that this charity isn’t making much money from this program. And customers aren’t getting a warm, giving feeling for being part of it.

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Employee Tips

If your employees are interested, they could combine their tips and donate them to a cause. Be careful with this idea as it has to be up to your employees to decide this… after all… it is their money. Read more in our: Charity: Donate Tips activity.