A drive is typically focused on a single item – books, water, food, canned goods, winter coats – with the goal of gathering as many as possible. The logistics are to promote, collect and transfer the items to the needy group.

We recommend including your employees and customers in the activity, as well as potentially making a matching donation on behalf of your company. (A matching donation is when you agree to match the amount that was donated.)

Get your customers to pitch in and be a part. Collaborate with others in your industry and lead a drive. For example, work with all other coffee shops in your area to all host an in-store coat drive. We also recommend doing something as a “thank you” for your customers when they get involved, like the Starbucks example above.

You can have more impact (give more) when you include others. The downside to this is that YOU are not actually as giving as you seem. But, you will get credit for leading the process.

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