Some of these might not seem like big deals, but trust us – they are! If you are operating your Social Media strategy under one of these faux pas, it’s time to re-evaluate.

You Don’t Have a Marketing Plan

While the execution seems simple enough, it’s important to have objectives and goals in place so that you can track your progress. Who do you want to talk to? What do you want them to say as a result? What are your anticipated outcomes?

You Don’t Have a Hub

Without a branded and informative company website, your Social Media efforts can dead end. As most of your posts online should be the welcome mat to your business’s website, you need to ensure that participants aren’t disappointed when they step inside. Make your website interesting, interactive, up-to-date and fun to look at.

You Don’t Post Regularly or Consistently

Social Media won’t “take care of itself.” And, by posting only once or twice a week, your posts will be lost in the constantly streaming news feeds on the various Social Media platforms we’ve discussed in this Course. To save time, use an online management tool like HootSuite to manage and schedule Tweets, Facebook Posts, and LinkedIn Updates – all in one place.

You Use Only One Channel

Unless your customer base is only on one social media network, your business should focus on mastering 2 – 3 social media platforms. Since social media attention is “fractured” (as users bounce around from site to site), it makes sense to present the same message to your participants in lots of different ways.

You’re Using Every Channel

Having a presence on every social media channel can be great, if you have the time, staff and money to dedicate to doing them right. However, too often, businesses get caught up in trying to be visible on every social networking platform, that they don’t end up doing any of them very well. The result? A lackluster and amateurish presence online. Instead, select 2 – 3 channels that are best for you and your customers, and throw yourself into them.

You’re Promoting Yourself / Your Business 24/7

Imagine if one of your friends only talked to you when they needed something from you, or were trying to sell you something. How would that make you feel? Used? Worthless? Like just another “number”? Don’t do that to your customers. They’ll begin to tune you out. Instead, add value to the daily conversations with and between your participants.

You Expect Overnight Results

Social Media requires time and patience. Rather than obsessing over your number of followers, or how many “likes” your most recent post has, focus on building relationships with your participants. Ensure that the followers or fans you do have the most positive experience they can with your company. Accepting that the path to Social Media success is a long road will prepare you to be active and engaged, even when you feel like your presence is stagnating.

You “Set It and Forget It”

If you leave your various Social Media channels to their own devices, and don’t update your status, photos or descriptions, clean-up erroneous comments or spam, or respond to inquiries or complaints from customers, your brand will lose credibility. Social Media is the perfect forum to provide excellent and (almost) immediate customer service, but it requires maintenance. Even 10 – 20 minutes a day will do the trick!