Touchpoints are all the “spots” where customers come in contact with your business. It could be your sign off the highway, your website, seeing your name on the Little League baseball jerseys, a product wrapper on the ground.

These also include the obvious and direct ways customers come in contact with your business. At the point of sale making a purchase. Browsing your merchandised store. Sitting at a table in your dining room. Seated in your salon’s spa chair.

As an exercise, think about all the touchpoints between your business and your customers – from the sidewalk outside your location to the recording on your voicemail.


  • At Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Call Center
  • Community Involvement Events
  • Customer Bills / Invoice
  • In-Store (greeting and assisting customers)
  • In-Store decor / ambiance
  • In-Store signage
  • On the phone
    • The greeting, tone, information given. Do you always provide your name?
  • Post Mail
  • Special Events
  • Sponsorships
  • Word of Mouth


  • Blog
  • eMail
  • eNewsletter
  • Facebook Page
  • Online Ads
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Website

Are your touchpoints communicating the type company and brand you want to be? Don’t miss an opportunity to provide your customer with a special and memorable experience.