“Part 2: Do The Right Things” is divided into the following sections:

  • Consider Your Touchpoints
  • What Is Your “Gold Standard” of Measure?
  • Be Remarkable – with BONUS “Be Remarkable” presentation!
  • Every Customer, Every Time
  • Fix It, On the Spot
  • Bad and Good News Spreads
  • Customer Experience Basics
  • Connect, Discover, Respond
  • Equal Opportunity Service
  • Going Two Extra Steps – with BONUS “Forget The Extra Mile, Just Go The Extra Steps” article!
  • Be The Expert
  • Refer Customers When You Can’t Help
  • Anticipate Needs
  • How To Support A Dissatisfied Customer

The Customer Experience: Experience vs. Product

In the same way that anyone can learn to flip a burger, or operate a cash register – most any business can provide a product.

Think about all of the places you could go right now to get a piece of pizza. You could visit…

  • a big chain restaurant,
  • a local pizza joint, or
  • your local convenience store.

Plenty of options. While the result would be the same (you ate pizza), your experience will probably be extremely different at each place.

Our point is, anyone can stock their shelves or make a pizza. But the experience you create around your customers is something that they take with them. While the product (pizza) is gone once their plates are cleared – the experience… good, bad, or indifferent… will last.