Similar to sampling take advantage of the crowds drawn at events where your customers may be. Great opportunities include:

  • Trade Shows,
  • Street Fairs,
  • Art & Craft Fairs,
  • Church Events,
  • Carnivals, and
  • Parades.

Be sure to have a professional set-up with all the tools and supplies required to provide a great show and great demonstration.

You’ve probably attended some trade show or event and know a poorly executed booth reflects as a lower quality brand. If you plan to do demos out-of-store on a regular basis, consider investing in a trade show backdrop or official booth set-up.

Demonstrations: Online

While a live demonstration is often best, through technology you may be able to show your customers how your product(s) work. Infomercials on TV have been successfully selling that way for years. Consider online tools you may be able to provide including:

  • Photo Gallery,
  • Video Tour (simple or elaborate), or
  • Interactive Animation.