In the next few sections of this course, we provide information about:

  • Labor & Product Investment,
  • Tracking,
  • Supplies,
  • Tools, and
  • Incentives & Contests.

Labor & Product Investment

Product Cost

In your expense planning, take into account your investment in the product you’ll give away through sampling. Don’t forget to include the serveware you’ll need, like cups, spoons, napkins, etc. Consider this cost as an investment.

Labor Investment

Be sure to include the labor cost for sampling and demonstrations in your budget. Add this role to your daily or weekly schedule or make it a part of someone’s existing tasks. But, don’t just add it on as an additional responsibility without allowing the time to perform it successfully. Sampling and Demonstrations are not “down time” activities.

You will need to factor in labor costs for the time to prepare as well as the time for sampling and demonstrations.

We recommend your locations actively sample/demonstrate at least three times per day – specifically during times when you’ve got waves of customers.