Inevitably, there will be some days when you are so busy you can’t spend enough quality time with each customer that walks through your door. What a good problem to have, right?

However, you can treat every customer with the same service standards, every time.

An easy standard to implement is to enthusiastically greet customers every time they enter your store, restaurant or cafe. You can take it one step further and set the standard to offer help to every customer. You can even set the standard that you share your name with each customer so that they can ask you for help. These standards may seem simple and basic, but in the hustle and bustle of the day, can be overlooked by busy employees.

We like to think that offering consistently good service is better than providing great service one day, and horrible service the next.

What standards are important to you? Decide on one or two to implement every day, with every customer, no matter what.