Solve It Before It Is A Problem

Big chains often rely too heavily on the systems they put in place for handling customer problems. Not happy? Fill out a complaint form. Go home and call a number or visit a website.

But, what about empowering the store manager to fix problems as or before they happen?

If your crew is trained to push problems to the internet or a form, they aren’t taking the opportunity to fix a problem and make a customer happy on the spot.

Some stores no longer offer “comment cards” because they want the comments, suggestions and issues to be addressed in-store, on-the-spot by the manager.

Most customer complaints are easy to fix. Sometimes a customer just wishes to voice their opinion. Providing this at the moment it occurs allows you to fix the situation as well as let the customer depart happy and satisfied.

Similar to the marriage advice, “don’t go to bed mad at each other.” Don’t let customers depart your location mad at you.