This is the fun part – making job offers to talented candidates.

Make It Official

We recommend making any offer official with an offer letter outlining the job being offered, salary, start date, and basic information about benefits (vacation days, insurance and any other benefits and perks). Make them feel welcome. Be friendly and warm. Let your culture show even in the way you provide an offer letter.

The candidate should officially accept by providing a signed copy of the letter to you.

Set-Up For Success

  • Job Description – provide a copy of the job description you used to hire the candidate. The job description provides the broad picture of what the job entails.
  • Goals – set measured goals for all employees. Provide this when you first hire and review this at least every 6-months with the employee. Goals set the level of expectation of how much, how fast, the specifics to measure. When you meet goals, you can give rewards.
  • Check-Lists – have projects and tasks of the job documented into a checklist. This way you don’t have to rely on the employee’s memory or your reminders to get work done.
  • Tools – Have all the tools – employee manual, laptop, phone, business cards, security badge, etc. – ready for the new hire when they start. They’ll get a sense that you are organized and have all they need to be successful.
  • Shadow Days – To show an example of how to do the job, pair new employees with your best employees.