If those articles weren’t enough, LSMGuide contributor John Moore has crafted a video-per-week for almost a year as part of his Talkable Brand Video Series. He offers advice for brands to become “talkable.”

John is a professional speaker, author, and active leader within the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).

He has literally written the book on word-of-mouth marketing:

The Passion Conversation:
Understanding, Sparking, Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing

John’s videos help you to think strategically about ways to make your brand and your business worthy of word-of-mouth.

Each episode provides knowledge and a nudge. The knowledge part is interesting information. The nudge is provided through compelling motivation to make the information happen. The result helps you make brands more talkable.

Here are ten of our favorite Talkable videos:

#3 – Talkable is: Bankable

You can bank on the fact when a brand is in the conversation then it will be under purchase consideration.

#4 – Talkable is: Original

There is no recipe for originality. However, there is a way to encourage originality — it’s about being obvious about what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

#9 – Talkable is: Informational

The three decisions any brand of any size must make to become talkable.

#21 – Talkable is: Measurable

Word of mouth marketing conversations can be monitored and measured. But to arrive at how talkable a brand is, marketers must go beyond measuring Likes and Tweets online to measuring how recommendable a brand truly is.

#23 – Talkable is: Cultural

People, more than products, programs, and services, will create a talkable brand.

#29 – Talkable is: Operational

Truly talkable brands are operations-driven and not marketing-driven businesses.

#30 – Talkable is: Maintainable

Sweat the small stuff to make the talkability of your brand maintainable.

#35 – Talkable is: Improvisational

By going off script, a brand can become more talkable.

#36 – Talkable is: Multi-Dimensional

It’s no longer good enough to be one-dimensional in getting customers to talk about your business.

#38 – Talkable is: Accessible

The three decisions any brand of any size must make to become talkable.