How To Stand Out From The Crowd

In the next sections, we feature six marketing experts and their recommends to help you stand out from the crowd.

Stand Out: Create ‘Wow!’


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Author and motivational speaker Tom Peters states that creating “Wow!” helps you from being average and helps you stand out.

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Stand Out: Find Your Dramatic Difference?

Doug Hall: Offer Dramatic Difference

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According to Doug Hall, it isn’t enough to be different… you have to be dramatically different.

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Stand Out: Create A Purple Cow

Seth Godin: Creating A Purple Cow[read article →]

Seth Godin suggests you have to stand out like a purple cow!

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Stand Out: Create Your ‘Dominant Selling Idea’

Bill Schley: Dominant Selling Idea

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According to Bill Schley, you need to highlight – or if you don’t have one create – your dominant selling idea.

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Stand Out: Create A Contagion

Guy Kawasaki: Create A Contagion

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Guy Kawasaki suggests “creating a contagion.” Something that infects people with enthusiasm to talk about you.

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Stand Out: Zag!

Marty Neumeier: Zag!

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Marty Neumeier recommends, to stand apart from the crowd… when everybody zigs,  you zag!

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