You know how to implement.
We’re not going to take too much of your time here. Now that you’ve planned the work, you’ve got to work the plan.

Seven Tips:

  1. Check in with those supporting you to keep the project on track from suppliers to designers and your team.
  2. Eavesdrop on your employees interaction with customers to see how well they’re hitting the key points you shared with them. Offer gentle feedback in private to coach if someone isn’t getting it quite right.
  3. Track as you go. Maybe even put up a daily tracking chart in the back room so employees can see how you’re tracking against the set goals.
  4. You could even include an incentive contest.
  5. Share success with your team.
  6. Make adjustments to things that may not be working.
  7. Be patient. While this promotion may be the most important thing in the world to you – we’re only a slice of life for our customers. We’ve got to give our programs time to be seen and absorbed by our customers.