Promo Building Summary

We could probably fill an entire site with the topic of crafting consumer promotions – or at least a book. So, if you have any questions, please contact us.

The key steps to building your promotion include,

  • Review Goals – Clearly define what you need to accomplish by writing SMART goals.
  • Assess Challenge/Ease – Have a clear understanding of how complicated or simple it will be to meet or exceed your goals. This will help you determine how many programs or marketing activities you may need to utilize.
  • Determine Strategic Focus/Hero – You can’t (and shouldn’t) try to do everything. Determine your primary focus for this promotional period. Perhaps one or two other supporting activities.
  • Develop Programming – With the knowledge of what you’ll be promoting, your goals, and the ease or challenge getting there, plan activities and programs to meet or exceed your goals.
  • Choose Theme/Participant Take-Away – What key idea, tagline, idea, and creative approach is going to tie it all together? Your theme may help drive programming and your programming will help you choose your theme.
  • Select Tools – Your tools are all of your communication pieces, signage, speaking points – all the items you’ll use to share your key messages with your customers.
  • Write It Down – Putting plans on paper helps you keep to your plan, share it with others, and compare actual to your plan as you go!
  • Get It Created – You’ll need to have the marketing and operations materials – from speaking bullets to signage – written and produced. Whether in- or out-of-house, make sure you don’t cut corners as these are the tools that ensure everything comes together.
  • Implement & Track – Of course you’ve got to do the work of implementing your plan. Be sure also to track as you go so you can monitor progress and celebrate success!

If you need help building strategy for a year, check out our Annual Planning Guide.

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If you need help building strategy for a year, check out our Annual Planning Course: Annual Strategic Marketing Plans to Create Long-Lasting Success.

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