What tools will you use to build awareness and excitement?

We’re going to need:

  • Signage
  • eNewsletter Sign-Up Process
  • Employee T-Shirts, and
  • Speaking Points.

Of course, your tools will vary based on what signage you have available and what you need to accomplish.

Here is more detail on the tools listed above…


We have space for a poster in the window; we’ll feature our new burger with a side of onion rings in the creative.

We’ll have to have a photo shoot done. In this case, we don’t have a good shot of our burger with onion rings.

The onion ring is more of a surprise and delight. We don’t need to promote the program more than make sure the employees explain why customers are receiving them. Also, we can put o-rings on the signage where we promote the burger.

We’ve got space for a sign at the point of sale. That’s a great place to suggestively sell to those looking for something different or a recommendation.

We’ll make sure we’ve got an excellent, mouth-watering image.

eNewsletter Sign-Up Process

We need a mechanism to get customers to give us their email. We can’t have employees writing it on scraps of paper.

You know what? We really want to get customer names. So, we’ll have small tear-off pads created, pre-printed with lines to get

  • First Name
  • Last Name,
  • eMail, and
  • Birth date (we’ll send a coupon on customer birthdays!)

The problem is, merely getting an email from us may not be enough of a motivator for people to share their email with us.

So, we’ll communicate (on the tear-off pad):

Sign-Up and Receive Free Side Item

Once people sign up and confirm their email, will have our email automatically send a coupon.

And… we’ll have the coupon have an expiration date of 4 weeks… Which we know is 1 week sooner than the typical visit.

This is great. We get an email address so we can have better communicate with our customers. They get an immediate free item… And… we may see customers visit more often to redeem.

We’ll use one of our empty big clear jars for customers to deposit their email slips.

We’ll also have a small sign printed that describe the benefits and perks of being part of our list… Our Burger Buddies Club is what we’ll call it.

We’ll put all of these – the jar, the pads, pens, the sign where we hand off the food to the customer.

There is typically a few minutes of wait time, so an excellent opportunity to gather names.

We’ll need to schedule some labor hours for end-of-the-day data entry.

We’ll need to get the email system set-up, of course.

Also, let’s track the redemption of coupons. It’ll be interesting to see – based on how many names are added, how many people return with the offer. (Maybe we’ll find out we didn’t need to bribe them to join the list after all?)

Employee T-Shirts

We planned to change our employee t-shirts to red ones for Christmastime, let’s put some clever taglines on the back about the burger, the “five golden rings”, and the eNewsletter.

Employee Speaking Points

Another critical tool is the conversation we want our front line employees to have with customers.

Ensuring the person taking customer orders can clearly and deliciously describe the Holiday Burger will be critically important.

Maybe when the person on POS has finished the transaction, they can also point out the entry forms and mention to sign-up for our new Burger Buddies Club.

And, let’s make sure the person presenting the food to customers – in addition to “Enjoy Your Meal” is ready to explain why customers are getting a small side of 5 onion rings. If there is time, they could also reinforce the Burger Buddies Club sign-up.

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